Hi welcome to Whatever I called this page. Have a look at Bali, Rotto and The Valley of the giants with me. Luke LeBreton. 

This is a Quokka. Cute and cuddly. There is nothing else to it.

This si a Peacock. There is a surprising amount of them on Rottnest Island.

Did I mention Quokkas are normally nocturnal? They aer.

This is a Pelican. They are everywhere. This is just a nice photo from Rotto.

This is one of Rottnest's fine beaches. To tell you the truth it's the crummiest bay on the island. You should see the basin!

This is a mother Peahen with her chicks. It was waltzing around the bakery like it owned the place! Seriously!

This is the chocolate bombe royale I made while in Busselton. It was teh best cake ever. FILLED WITH ICE CREAM!

This is the Walpole treetop walk. 40 feet above the ground. And it wobbled!

This is a fairy Wren. MOre Tommorow  Now

This is a giant tree.

This is the giant sand dune. Just zoomed in a lot

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