www.our-own.synthasite.com 4 star.This site is owned by my friend ARTWELL CHEN!. He lives in Australia and likes cats.
 www.99coastam.synthasite.com 2 star. Great for a laugh

www.serebii.net 5 star rating For pokemon lovers

 www.worth1000.com/ 4 stars. Absolutely hilarious.
 www.garfield.com/ 4 stars. IT HAS EVERY GARFIELD COMIC! EVERY ONE!
 www.spritersresource.com/  3 stars. Very useful for game makers or spriters.
 http://www.animalcrossinghelper.synthasite.com 4 star. Loads of great cheats. All supplied by me! also made by ARTWELL CHEN.
 www.pokehelp.synthasite.com 1 star. Made by me. Please help it flourish!
 www.fleevildeathkil.synthasite.com/ 3 stars. Features our mascot!
 www.pokemonfullerite.synthasite.com/  5 star. Website for my Fangame that I am making.
 www.lukesfunland.synthasite.com  3 star. Name says it all. Requires flash
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