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March 15, 2009
Hi. I'm still open with requests so drop me a line via the guestbook.

National Treasure Book of Secrets
Rating: 5 stars
Genre: Action/Adventure
Plot: Thomas Gates has been accused of taking part in the Lincon murder. To clear his great granfathers name Ben Gates must follow clues left by the Free Masons and find Sebeluh. The lost city of gold.
Tags: Action, Adventure, 5 star, Ingenious plot, American history, Treasure

The Pink Panther
Rating: 3 stars
Genre: Comedy/Mystery
Plot: An incredibly rare diamond has been stolen and a murder to go with it. The only man for the job is a complete idiot.
Tags: Comedy, Mystery, Murder, Diamond, France

That's all for now. Probably nothing will happen tommorow.

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March 14, 2009
Hi this is LLB head of Cats R Evil

This is the review page where you can go for your daily dose of everything. Everybody knows I make fantastic decisions so come here before choosing anything. If you want me to review something just send me it in the Guestbook OK?

First up I'll review my latest Game

Megaman Starforce 2 Zerker X Ninja
Rating: 4 and a half stars
Info: 2 months after the Andromeda incident Geo and Omega Xis are just
starting to relax when a mysterious man called Hyde releases viruses ...
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