Cats are the closest related animal to the hyena and the mongoose.

 Dogs save 100,000 lives a year. Every day a life is saved because of a dog.
 Contrary to popular belief cats are just as colourblind as dogs.
 Dogs can have up to around 9 puppies and all will be taken care of and none will be abandoned
 Cats are one of the top 3 most common allergic reactions.
 It is natural instinct for dogs to love and care exactly the same as humans do.
 When cats are hunting they will almost always present the half eaten animal to their owner.
 Dogs are team animals and always live in packs.
 Cats are the No.1 giver of rabies and other diseases to humans.
 Dogs have been in hundreds of great movies. The only thinkable movie featuring a cat is Garfield in which the character is animated.
 The extinction of many animals is due to cats.
 Cats enjoy scratching. It is scientifically proven.
 Cats behaviour is exactly the same as  playing when as fighting.
 In christianity cats are malicious and demonic. Satan owns a cat.
 Cats are lone hunters and will never work as a team with any animal.
 Cats will kill their own kittens at will.
 Cats are solely carnivorous and kill and eat over 1000 species of animals.
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